September 20, 2015


Jules Obsession Reviews

Thank you to all the Awesome Customers who left Reviews for Jules Obsession!  You are the greatest!  I am overwhelmed by the Huge Support you have given to me personally and to my Shop.  When I left Etsy I was not sure you would follow.  But many of you did and I am very grateful!  Each and every person who shops Jules Obsession is valued to me like a friend.  Personal and Professional service is what you will always get at Jules Obsession.  I love it when a customer confides in me the reason for the bracelets they are purchasing or designing.  It helps me understand how to help them create the perfect charm Bracelet or Necklace.  I value my customers comments, ideas, feedback, etc.  I work hard to constantly improve my products, my storefront, my service.  I believe in quick response to questions, great communication, and super fast delivery time!  

Thank you to all!  

Reviews for

Expandable Nautical Bracelet Ocean Green Starfish Seashell Seahorse Sand Dollar and Pearl Twisted Matte Silver Adjustable Wire Bangle Gift

As usual, I'm always impressed


As usual, I'm always impressed with my jewelry when I receive it. done most of my Christmas shopping by buying Julies works of art. I'll continue to check out her site for more great buys.


100% Italian with Red Wine Glass and Stamped Salud Charm on Silver Expandable Adjustable Wire Bangle Bracelet Stacking Handmade Trendy Gift

100% Italian


Love the bracelet , got a teacher one for my daughter. This is the second order from Jules, prices are very reasonable, and I appreciate the special offers.


Crystal Apple Charm on Silver Expandable Adjustable Wire Bangle Bracelet Stacking Handmade Trendy Gift Teacher School Aid

Love the apple charm bracelet!

★★★★★ ★

Love the apple charm bracelet!


Hair Stylist Charm Bangle Scissors, Blow Dryer, Comb, Brush on a Silver Expandable Adjustable Bangle Bracelet Trendy Stacking Handmade Gift



for the first purchase and first time on the site. I was very please that I went back on and ordered more. Very nice loved the professional ones.


Bichon 3D Dog Charm on a Silver Expandable Adjustable Bangle Bracelet Meaningful Dog Lover Gift

Bichon 3D dog charm on adjustable bangle bracelet


Simply beautiful! Represents the breed well! I really enjoy wearing it! Must have for dog lovers!

Fran Ramella


Custom for Karen Amethyst and Hematite Faceted Beads with Awareness Charms Stretch Bracelet

Beyond Expectation


Julie worked with me to make a bracelet to help me honor two people I hold dear. She goes out of heresy to watch out just the right supplies needed to make every one of her pieces perfect. I lost count how many items I have purchased and designed with her but I know this won't be the last. She is terrific, no...she is Awesome!


Serenity, Courage, Wisdom Silver Heart on a Silver Expandable Bangle Bracelet Adjustable One Size Fits All

Great seller


I received my product promptly and I feel I paid a very decent price.


Crystal Ocean Fish Silver Turtle Starfish Sand Dollar Expandable Nautical Bracelet Silver Adjustable Wire Bangle Gift Ocean Jewelry

As always, your bracelets are


As always, your bracelets are great-you're talent really shines!!!!!


Patron Saint of the Impossible St. Rita Silver Expandable Bracelet Double Sided Adjustable Wire Bangle Catholic Medal Gift Trendy



I love everything about the 2 bracelets! They are of excellent quality and arrived very quickly. I asked for a charm that wasn't already offered, and Jules Obsession ordered it and created the custom bracelet!


Saint Francis Patron Saint of Animal Silver Expandable Bangle Double Sided Adjustable Bracelet



QUICK shipping!! Beautiful presentation and good quality!


Grand Daughter Charm Silver Bangle Silver Adjustable Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet Expandable Trendy (Kid's Size Available upon request)

Granddaughter's charm bracelet


My granddaughter loved it! It looks very pretty on her. I look forward to adding charms.


She Believed She Could So She Did Silver Cuff Bracelet One Size Fits all Quote Trendy Gift Graduation



I ordered a bracelet from Jules Obsession and was very happy with the prompt shipping and the overall product. Would definitely ordered from the website again!


Master of your Own Destiny and Path of Life Charm on a Silver Expandable Wire Bangle Bracelet Gift Adjustable Trendy Handmade in USA

Fast delivery and impeccable quality


I have ordered from Julie before and she continues to be the utmost professional and responsive business owner. I am very happy with the quality of the bracelets that I ordered as well as the quick delivery. I will definitely be ordering again from her.


Irish Blessing Key Chain Medal Silver Key Ring Protection Gift Inspirational Jewelry

I love it. Several compliments


I love it. Several compliments



LOVE Hair Stylist or I Love to Sew Charm on a Silver Expandable Adjustable Bangle Bracelet Gift

Item was exactly as listed


Item was exactly as listed & shipping was fast! I purchased as a gift for my hair stylist, sister in law & she loved it!!

September 05, 2015


Awareness in September ~ How many of these Important Causes Became Ribbons of Hope!


Did you ever think about how a cause, special day or topic gets assigned?  How do they decide to assign National Grandparents Day, Fall Hat Month (yes this is real), or Black History Month officially?  Well, until January 1995, Congress had the task of seeing that special observances were commemorated.  The Senate or the House would introduce legislation to whatever they thought was worthy of National recognition.  The task became too much for Congress to handle, time wise, so they decided to discontinue this process.  


So who does it now?  The president of course can declare any commemorative event but it is rare.  In some states the legislatures and governor may proclaim days and so may Mayors.   Most of the time these special days, weeks, months come from National Organizations wanting to promote visibility of their cause. But we too as individuals can petition a cause and color selection to go with it.

Awareness Ribbons have become such a huge association for any given cause.  Why not?  Many of us relate very strongly to color.  Color often helps us identify certain things in our life.  Green = Go, Red = Stop, Pink = Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.  Color can be used to create an awareness of a condition, disease, or a cause.  It so important these days to increase awareness any way we can.  Awareness can save lives!


Jules Obsession started making awareness jewelry by request for our customers a few years ago.  They became so popular that we have expanded our line of Awareness Ribbon Charm bracelets to include over 30 ribbon colors.  Since our motto at Jules Obsession is Meaningful and Inspiration Jewelry, this was something we were excited to provide.  What is more Meaningful and Inspirational then Awareness Jewelry? These Beautiful Sterling Silver Plated Ribbon Charm Bracelets make a great conversation piece allowing us to inform others of our special cause.  Take a look at some of the great Expandable Awareness Charm Bangles that has to offer.  And as always they can be customized and personalized with a charm for Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandmother, etc.  You can also select from our large selection of Inspirational Word charms.  We have many popular charms like Strength, Courage, Believe, Hope, Faith, Love, just to name a few.  One of the Best features of Jules Obsession’s Expandable Charm Bangles is that they fit everyone!  We even carry smaller size bangles for children toddler thru 8 years old.  These are a perfect fit for all.  If a bracelet is not your style we are able to put any charm on a chain necklace.  Since all items are Handmade to Order we are able to customize almost any way you like.  We are also happy to ship a Bracelet or Necklace with gift note to anyone on your gift list.  Please contact us for more details! 


Take a look at the list below.  Like I mentioned earlier, September is a very popular month for so many very important causes!  Be Informed and Spread the word…Awareness is the Key to possible Cures, Change, and Hope.


September is…

National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

National Food Safety Education Month

Fruit and Veggies-More Matters Month

Healthy Aging Month

National ITP Awareness Month

Blood Cancer Awareness Month (promoted by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society)

National Cholesterol Education Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

National Pediculosis Prevention Month/Head Lice Prevention Month

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

National Recovery Month

National Sickle Cell Month

National Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month

National Yoga Awareness Month

Newborn Screening Awareness Month

Whole Grains Month

World Alzheimer's Month

Sepsis Awareness Month

National Suicide Prevention Week

World Suicide Prevention Day (10)

World Sepsis Day (13)

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Animal Remembrance Month, World

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month

Baby Safety Month

Backpack Safety America Month

Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

College Savings Month

Coupon Month, Natl

DNA, Genomics and Stem Cell Education and Awareness Month, Natl

Eat Chicken Month

Fall Hat Month

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

Happy Cat Month

Head Lice Prevention Month, Natl

Honey Month, Natl

Hunger Action Month

Library Card Sign-Up Month

Mushroom Month, Natl

One-on-One Month

Pleasure Your Mate Month

Preparedness Month, Natl

Rice Month, Natl

Sea Cadet Month

Service Dog Month, Natl

Shake Month, Natl

Shameless Promotion Month

Skin Care Awareness Month, Natl

Sports Eye Safety Month

Subliminal Communications Month

Superior Relationships Month

Update Your Resume Month

Wilderness Month, Natl

Women's Friendship Month, Intl


Most of this research on this list of September’s Awareness Topics come from Chase’s Calendar of Events.

Thank you for reading! 
Until Next Time!
September 02, 2015


September is Dystonia Awareness Month

Blue Ribbon Expandable Bracelet to Represent Dystonia Awareness

I was checking out the latest on Facebook one day when I found a post from a dear friend of mine about a Cleveland Zoo Walk for Dystonia.  I honestly did not know too much about the disorder so I did a little research.  I was shocked and saddened to find out the horrific details of this neurological disorder.   Just in North America Dystonia affects more than 500,000 children and adults.  The onset is most commonly in early childhood.  Dystonia is the third most common movement disorder and a symptom of Parkinson’s disease.  As we all know the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) has been dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Last year (2014) The MJFF established a collaborative research alliance with The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation to boost visibility for Dystonia and Parkinson’s. Please visit his site for more information.  

Unfortnately, at this time there is no cure for this painful condition that causes involuntary muscle spasms and contractions.  Right now people with dystonia are bringing more awareness to this neurological disorder so they can help future patients avoid a lengthy journey to diagnosis.

Dystonia is a common symptom for people with Parkinson’s who have a mutation in the Parkin gene.  It is estimated that 40% of people living with Parkinson’s has some form of Dystonia.  Both are movement disorders.

There are two types of Dystonia.  One is Primary which is mostly genetic and Secondary that may be a result of a head trauma, drug use or exposure to rare toxins but for the majority of the cases it is still not known what cause this debilitating condition.

Dystonia can affect one muscle, a group of muscles or muscles though out the body.  Some symptoms of Dystonia may include involuntary muscle contractions that cause slow repetitive movements or abnormal postures.  It can affect the eyes with uncontrolled blinking in one or both eyes.  Tremors or difficultly in speech are also common occurrences.  

Its like the neurotransmitters in the brain are not in sync and the cells can not communicate with the brain.  There may also be a problem with the way the brain processes information and generates commands to move.

A lot of the treatments for Dystonia are shared with Parkinson’s.  They may use medications, surgical treatments, physical therapy to help relax muscles.  Many patients also have said that Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation have been beneficial, though there is no medical evidence yet to support this.

Thank you for reading this Blog on Dystonia.  Please be reminded that this is my perspective on this disorder.  I have gathered this information from my own research on this subject.  If this post has moved you to learn more about Dystonia, please find more information, and a list of groups exclusively focused on dystonia (including pediatric dystonia) at Dystonias Information Page .  Information from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (part of the National Institutes of Health).

Some great sites to check out!

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation ~ For this featured Awareness Bracelet and Many, Many Others!

Until Next Time!


August 29, 2015


Why I love Making and Selling Expandable Charm Bracelets


Sometimes we all need some sort of boast in faith, something material we can hold to help ground us, something to help us remember those good times, special moments, and accomplishments.  I love the idea of having charms represent what is closest to our hearts. I created my line of expandable bracelets to give that option to everyone.  They are the best medium to use since you can wear multiple bangles stacked together or just showcase one on your wrist.  I like to say that you can’t have just one!  They are addicting!  Depending on my mood, my outfit, the season, I like to accessorize with just the right combination!  When I feel Zen, I go with my Yoga Inspired Line.  When I am loving it up in the sunshine and warmth of summer I love the Nautical Line of Charm Bracelets.  I also have the days I just want it to be about me…my initial, my birthstone, my zodiac sign.  The possibilities are endless at Jules Obsession!  

What Charms Should I Add?

When you are thinking of getting a charm bracelet for yourself or as a gift for someone, you need to consider which charms to choose that would represented that person, occasion, memory, accomplishment.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming but be assured you will know it when you see it.  The perfect combination of charms to express exactly who you are, what you believe in, how you feel and what you love! You don’t need to limit it to one or two charms, you can choose many! Need some hints?  Here are some options to consider.

Daughter In Law Silver Expandable Bracelet

NAME/NICKNAME: While there are charms that feature the full name of the wearer, I Like the simplicity of just an Elegant first Initial charm. There are also charms that represent a nickname or a personality.  Sunshine, Princess, Daddy’s Girl.  Another that is super popular are Sister in Law, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, BFF, Grandma, Gigi, Nana, God Daughter, just to name a few!


Happy 10th Birthday Expandable Adjustable Charm Bracelet

BIRTHDAY: Need to add some color?  I love adding a simple little birthstone.  It is simple and subtle enough that is does not clash with your outfit!  Also a great addition would be your Zodiac Sign.  I also have several number charms to pair with my Happy Birthday Heart shaped charm.   

Medina Bee's Expandable Charm Bracelet

EDUCATION: It’s always fun to present a teenager with a High School Bangle.  Perhaps their High school’s Initial, Mascot, school color and Year of Graduation!  You can also add any sports, clubs, or music charms to represent any special extra circular activities.  And on Graduation day a simple year and diploma or cap charm says it all! 

Baseball Mitt Crystal Expandable Charm Bracelet

HOBBIES/SPORTS: I kind’a went a little crazy with this theme. I mean, who doesn’t have at least one hobby or sport start they are proud of?  I have so much available that it would take forever to list.  A few include Softball, Football, LaCrosse, basketball, gymnastics, music, shopping, reading, motorcycle racing, dance, nature, and sewing to name a few. I also have many coach charms available to pair with any sport to give as an appreciation for a season well played!

Awareness Ribbon Expandable Charm Bracelet

TO SHOW SUPPORT:  These days you see it everywhere.  Ribbons of various colors representing a disease, a cancer, a social movement.  Why not elegantly wear your support on an Expandable Charm bracelet.  Show your support and raise awareness by choosing from over two dozen different awareness ribbons.  These and any other charms in my shop are available as necklaces and earring as well.  My awareness line also includes Animal Rescue charms. 

AA Alcoholics Anonymous Expandable Charm Bracelet

CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS:  One of my most popular charm bracelets I call “Wine and a Good Book”  I have a great number of Book Clubs purchasing these of their members.  I also have religious charms, 4H, Girl Scouts, and Boy scouts.  I also carry some very serious organization representation charms like AA, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon.  These provide subtle reminders of hope and strength.  

Your First Breath Took Mine Away Expandable Charm Bracelet

SPECIAL MEMORIES:  This can be anything that brings a memory to your mind and smile to your face.  The birth of a child, a fun trip, an engagement, wedding, first home or  any other significant memory. 

Cute Puppy Expandable Charm Bracelet

FAVORITE PETS/ANIMALS:  One thing I learned is that more people wear jewelry to represent their pets then their children!  LOL!!  That’s okay!  Let’s give the pooch a little recognition!  They are our children in a way as well, right! (At least that’s what  my pup keeps telling me!).  We all have a special place for our pets!  I have some specific breeds available and some generic type pet charms.  Also, wonderful remembrance of a cherished pet. 

Dental Hygienist Expandable Charm Bracelet

OCCUPATION:  Love, Love, Love this Category.  I have worked very hard to put some very specific occupational charm bracelets together.  If there is one thing that makes a conversation, that is someones great accomplishment, it is their career!  Along with the very popular Medical and teacher charms, I carry Relator, Lawyer, Accountant, Newspaper Writer, Policeman, Fire Fighter, Banker, scientist, etc.  A great appreciation gift idea!  And for the person retiring!  I have Happy Retirement Bangles as well.  These make a great gift hanging on a gift bag or on a bottle of wire!

Air Force Wife Expandable Charm Bracelet

MILITARY:  Don’t forget about our Military!  If you have served, are serving or have a loved one who has, I have the perfect token of pride.  My Military collection includes several charms from the different branches of the military.  I have a line of Military wife charms, flags, stars and stripes.  

Thank you for Raising the Man of My Dreams

WEDDINGS:  The trendy bridesmaid gift this year is the expandable charm bangle.  You can choose from Silver Heart shaped Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl, Mother of th eBride etc.  I have a full line to supply all your wedding party and family member gifts.  Your wedding colors can be represented with a colored crystal or bead.  Initials can also be added for a personal touch.  

Keep Believing Miracles Happen Expandable Charm Bracelet

MEANINGFUL AND INSPIRATIONAL:  I started Jules Obsession to create Inspirational, Meaningful yet Fun jewelry for people to express themselves, gain strength and hope from, and as great conversation pieces.  What better represents those qualities then my extensive line of Word and Quote charms.  I also carry a line of Inspirational and Healing Saint,  Arch angel, and religion charms.  


AFFORDABLE AND QUALITY:  Since the bracelets are silver plated, they are super affordable.  Don’t get me wrong, they are excellent quality.  I have been using the same plated wire for years!  The bangles are sturdy, durable and coated with an anti-tarnish coating.  I have various types and styles available.  Shiny Silver, Matte Silver, Twisted Silver, Matte Twisted Silver, Shiny Gold, Matte Gold, Shiny Twisted Gold and Matte Twisted Gold.  I also carry Stainless Steel and Children’s size bangles.

Customized Expandable Charm Bangle

CUSTOMIZATION:  Jules Obsession offers Customization of anything in stock.  We have an extensive line of Charms and Crystals.  Everything is made to order and shipped out the next business day.  Check out our online shop and find the perfect bracelet or let me help you design something memorable!
Until Next Time!
August 24, 2015

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Saint Rita Patroness of Difficult Marriages and Impossible Causes

If you are facing a difficult and impossible life circumstance this beautiful Saint Rita Expandable Sterling Silver Plated Bracelet will guide you to find the hope you are looking for.   Since this is Adjustable to fit all sizes this makes a  great gift for those similarly facing difficult and heartbreaking life circumstances.

Saint Rita is the patroness of impossible causes, sterility, abuse victims, loneliness, marriage difficulties, parenthood, widows, the sick, and bodily ills and wounds.

St. Rita of Cascia was an Augustinian nun born in Spoleto, Italy in 1381. She is best known as the patroness of impossible causes and hopeless circumstances.  She was given this honor because of her difficult and disappointing life.  

From an early age St. Rita begged her parents to let her become a Nun.   Her parents denied her and arranged a marriage for her at the age of twelve.  St. Rita went through with the marriage in obedience to them.  Adding to her disappointment, the man she was wed to was cruel and harsh, and she spent 18 years in a very difficult marriage.  Her husband eventually became physically abusive, yet she met his cruelty with kindness and patience.  Two sons were born to her whom she loved deeply. 

In the 14th century Italy was rampant with warring families caught in a vicious circle of assassinations and bloody feuding (think Romeo and Juliet).  St. Rita’s family was caught up in this warring and as a result her husband was murdered.  St. Rita mourned her husband’s death and prayed for his soul with great earnest.

After the death of her husband and her sons Saint Rita sought again to enter the convent.  She was turned away because of her family’s association with the civil upheaval of the time. Prayer, fasting, penances of many kinds and charitable works filled her days.  St. Rita’s sincerity and forgiveness prevailed and she was eventually granted entry.  She became known as a holy and prayerful nun.

While praying before a crucifix one day, Saint Rita received visible wounds on her forehead.  It appeared as a (stigmata) of Jesus’ wound from the crown of thorns.  This was said to be symbolizing St. Rita’s unity with Christ in his sufferings.  She also had many mystical experiences during the forty years she lived in the convent.  She died on May 22 in her seventies.

Even though St. Rita had a difficult life, it was her heartbreaking circumstances that drove her to prayer and helped her to become a holy woman. 

Saint Rita Silver Expandable Bracelet




August 18, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Expandable Bracelet a Token of Celebration, Joy and Love!



Happy Birthday!  Celebrate this special occasion by presenting them with a Happy Birthday Expandable Bracelet.  These Expandable Silver Wire Bangles are perfect for everyone.  No size guessing required, one size fits all since they adjust smoothly and easily smaller or larger to fit comfortably.  Long after the cake is gone they can still remember they are now and forever cherished.They make a great boxed gift or a fun presentation hanging from a Wine Bottle or Gift Bag!  And Of Course I can Send these to anyone for you with a Note Card and Gift Packaging!




Beautiful Gift Boxes Come in a Variety of Colors

Available in a Variety of Numbers

Each Charm Bracelet is custom made with a double sided heart shaped silver charm with a clear rhinestone.  I have many number charms available from 0-85. (Please check with me on the numbers that you are looking for so I can make sure I have them in stock). I also have many other designs to choose from as well.  Sweet 16, Best Friend, Martini Glass charms for the Happy 21!


Since these are Custom Made to Order you are able to choose several add on charms.  I have a variety of Initial charms and Birthstone charms available.


The popular trend is to wear a number of these bracelets stacked on your wrist.  Since they all have specific significance, they all tell a different story for a great conversation piece! I also have several pages of Add a Charm Options in the following categories...

Children Baby Shower Fairy Tale 

Cooking Wine Travel Camera Flowers

Hearts and Love Charms

Inspirational and Meaningful Word Tags and Charms

Nautical Travel Graduation Charms

Religion Crosses Angels Confirmation


Stack your Birthday Bangle with a Zodiac Sign Bangle for a great pairing!  My Zodiac charms are Double Sided and very popular!

All Zodiac Symbols are available on Bangles or as Add on Charms


I even make Expandable Rings.  These are the same concept as the Expandable Bracelets.  One Size Fits All!  Love them!!  They can be made with any available Charm shown in  Here I am showing them as the always popular Swarovski Channel Birthstone Ring.   These are Available in Silver Plated or Gold Plated.


What about the most important of Birthday’s?  A child’s First birthday can be celebrated with a It’s a Girl or It’s a Boy Bracelet for the new mom! Also Available in Pink!


Or the Expecting Mom…


Or even for the expectant Grandmother!


Have Fun with it!  Birthday’s only come once a year!


Until Next time!


August 18, 2015


Healthy Mind, Body and Life

Live The Life You Have Imagined!

Everywhere I look is a magazine, a book, a blog on how to lose weight.  Eat this, don’t eat that, takes these supplements and those pills.  How much time, money and frustration have I spent on this quest?  In the end I always end up where I started.  

Patron Saint of Stress and Anxiety

I admit it.  I am a nervous eater.  Stress, anxiety, boredom are my most dangerous diet sabotages.    I have tried diets before to look and feel better but my main problem was they took too much time!  Plan, shop, cook, etc.  Sorry but I don’t have time for that!  I love cooking foods that I want to cook, not foods that diet books tell me I need to make.  It never turns out the way the picture looks or how I imagined it would taste.  


I Love to Cook

I believe weight lose and health is mostly psychological.  Creating a mind set of healthy positive intentions should be everyones basis for achieving the weight that makes them most comfortable. I know it is easier said then done.  But I have come up with a few easy suggestions to make a life long transition to looking and feeling great for YOU.  These will not help you loss weight in a physical way but they may just be able to help you shed some imperfect behaviors and live a more positive, healthy lifestyle. Along with my thoughts and suggestions, I have Featured some of my Favorite Inspirational Bracelets.  I have Many more in my Shop at Jules  Take a look and see if any of the may be a helpful Inspirational piece for you or a friend.  All of My Bangles are made to order so Customization and Personalization is possible!

Live For Today


Hold me Fast 'Cause I'm a Hopeless Wanderer

We must lead a Balanced life.  Practice to balance physical health, mental health, relationships, finances, career, fun, creativity, spirituality, physical environment, etc.  Make these work for you not the other way around.  The Key is to learn how to balance out all these areas in your life.  Heck, if you know me then you know that this is one of the areas I need lots of improvement in.  They call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!  Yep!  Self Diagnosed!  But don't we all get caught up once in a while with one area of our life and we just obsess!  It drives my husband, kids, family and friends completely crazy!  Balance!  Balance! Balance!  You and everyone around you will benefit! 

She Believed she Could so She Did



Be Happy ~ Be True ~ Be Special ~ Be You

Do it for the most important person in your life!  YOU!  Make the commitment to be a healthier person so that you can lead your family and loved ones in the same direction.   Losing weight won't fix your financial problems or having your pockets overflowing with cash will not help you lose weight.  Commit to being the Best, Healthiest, Happiest person you can.  In the end that is what we want for ourselves! 

Believe in Yourself

The Scale

You Are the Master of Your Own Destiny

Why was this Gosh Awful thing invented anyway?   I can understand the scale to measure produce in the grocery store, mail at the post office, even babies at the doctor’s office.  But not me!  Why would I do that to myself!!   My bathroom scale measures gravitational pull!  It measures weight, not fat!  It does not tell about how healthy or unhealthy I am.  That I should be eating more veggies.  That I should lose weight!  No…that is what my mirror is for!  Look at yourself.  Do you like what you see?  Do you look the way you want to?  Do you feel the way you want to?  Yes?  Then Perfect!  No?  Then do something about it!  The scale has always been so misconceiving to me.  It’s like all those standardized grid charts the doctor shows you at your checkup.  Yes!  I believe a great many of us fall into that Obese category.  Not Fair!  I hate that!  I say throw out the scale!  Who needs the depression!  Use your inner scale to measure your comfort and happiness!


Speak No Evil ~ See no Evil ~ Hear No Evil

Now I mentioned earlier that I hate Planning a diet or a weight lose program.  Takes too much time!  But this is different.  Envision your future. What would you ultimately like your life to be like? See every detail of it from where you want to be in life, location and health to how you want to see, feel and hear!    I love to do this first thing in the morning.  While still laying in bed.  Our most positive thoughts and ideas happen first thing when we wake up.  We are 25 times more open to suggestion when we wake.  The key is to hold on to those good feelings for a moment or two and disregard the less positive thoughts. See the thought and imagine carrying this thought with you throughout the day. Plan it out…this is going to be a Great day!  Wear something that makes you feel good.  Put on some great music.  Whether it is relaxing or get up and dance tunes!   Invigorate the air with beautiful smelling flowers or candles.  Slicing a lemon for your herbal tea!  Whatever scents or smells relax you.  Have something around all the time!  Aromatherapy is a proven and practiced method of mood control.  Imagine every aspect of this clear picture of a relaxing, fulfilling, happy day.  And now make it come true. One step at a time.

Daisy and The Bee



Safe Haven

Baker's Dream

Sweep your home of all those nasty sabotaging foods!  If you do not buy them you will be free from those obsessive thoughts of bingeing.  Make your home a safe haven so you can give yourself the opportunity to establish healthy, solid eating habits. It is essential that you create an environment that supports your healthy lifestyle efforts.  It is not necessary to get rid of all of your fav's!  It's self destructing if you do.  Moderation and a couple special treats are healthy and at certain times needed!



I Sparkle!

Heaven knows I've been both organized and disorganized.  It gets overwhelming.  I just read an article the other day on Cleaning/Organizing your home in 30 minutes a day.  I have been trying this and it works!  Just today in 30 minutes I was able to Wash the floor and clean the family room.  I only gave that one task to myself for the day!  But in the process I removed some boxes in the corner to go to Goodwill and cleaned the floor of my Pantry to store some unused items in the basement.  And I stopped there. It was not a lot but I feel so good now!  I accomplished some cleaning and organized 2 spaces.  Now tomorrow the boxes in my car will be dropped off at Goodwill and perhaps I will take on the Laundry room!  See!  I balanced out my time.  Thought about it in the morning and accomplished the task in 30 min. and now I have the rest of my day.  There is a mysterious calm one finds in organization isn't there!    

Be Imperfect

It's All Good

Wouldn't it be unbelievably boring if we were perfect.   (Okay, I say this to make myself feel better!) Revel in your imperfection.  It’s okay!  We do not live on a reality show.  We can leave it for tomorrow sometimes, as long as it is not all the time!  I was once a student of the Franklin Planner!  If you do not know what that is, it is a daily planner you write everything in that needs to be done. You check off what you have completed and carry over the tasks not accomplished to the next day.  I love this method.  It encourages me to Get the List Finished!  I love completion, I hate having things hang over my head.  This works well for me most times!  When I have too much to do I make my list and cross off the 5 least important tasks.  Just like one day at a time you have to take one chore at a time as well or you will be overwhelmed.


Be Your Passion

Do What You Love ~ Love What You Do

As they say, "Do what you love and the money will follow." I am still waiting for this!  Since I opened my new Website I have been faced with the fact that I am starting all over again in the Jewelry Market!  I really wanted to step away from Etsy and do it my way, the right way and be a real entrepreneur.  I didn't want Etsy telling me what to do, what to sell, and giving them a chunk of my profits!  I Love making my Expandable Charm Bracelet Bangles!  I love working with my customers to design something special.  I worked in Corporate America for 20 years and now I want to work for me!  I know that the most important thing to have is Passion!  I am Passionate about my products, my business, my attempts at learning more everyday.   If you are passionate about your goals life will improve in ways you never imagined. Your energy will shift dramatically.  You will be focused on what you love, feel less-stressed, be more productive and procrastinate less. 

Do More of What Makes You Happy
Until Next Time!
August 03, 2015


My BIG News!! Jules Obsession Important Announcement!



This is the email I sent out to announce this new website shop I created... inspirational expandable adjustable silver wire bracelet bangle meaningful


Jules Obsession Has Moved!

I have some exciting news.  I have started my own Website to sell my Expandable Charm Bracelets.   I enjoyed working with (that other marketplace) but I feel I have outgrown them.  I have been working the past few weeks on creating a new website shop.  

I proudly present my New Shop 
I am thrilled to offer you an more efficient shopping experience.  My categories are better defined, contacting me will be quicker, and I was able to lower pricing on many items! 
 inspirational expandable adjustable silver wire bracelet bangle meaningful
I am still making my jewelry with the Best Quality Materials and as always.  Made to Order and shipped out the next Business Day.  I am still loading items so contact me if you do not see what you are looking for.
Custom Orders are still and always welcomed!  I have helped many of my Past Customers design some really Beautiful Charm Bangles.  I hope to do so again.  
 inspirational expandable adjustable silver wire bracelet bangle meaningful
Starting up a New Shop will be slow for me since I do not have the backing of all the fabulous reviews that were posted on my last shop (almost 2000 5-Star Reviews).  I hope to continue my commitment to my customers and grow my business with much dedication and pride. 
 inspirational expandable adjustable silver wire bracelet bangle meaningful
I am offering a Past Customer Appreciation Coupon 
25% Off all merchandise before shipping
Good now through August 15th.
Elephant, Hamsa, Lotus, Evil eye adjustable expandable silver wire bangle bracelet yoga inspire protection luck
Enter code ~  LOTUS
(The Lotus is Symbolic of New Beginnings)
Julie Wootton
Jules Obsession LLC
July 31, 2015


Bracelets for Women Runners Plus other Fun Running Tidbits!

Say Congratulations on that Race with a Runners Charm Bangle from Jules Obsession!

Have you ever crossed that finish line and felt the Rush of Pride of Accomplishment? 
Be Proud!  Use your Bragging Rights!  You did it!  Now get the Bracelet!
Adjustable Expandable Silver Wire Bangle Charm Bracelets 
by Jules Obsession
Runners Bangle for The Amazing Woman

Even though my first love is Yoga, I have occasionally been seen running my heart out in a Race or two!  Whether the cause being a charity run, Fun Relay Race with friends or a bucket list marathon.  

Beautiful Rhinestone Crystal Heart Bangle 

There’s nothing quite like that runner’s high you get from reaching the finish line! All that hard work, training, conditioning, and eating right has paid off!  What a phenomenal feeling of Pride and Great Accomplishment.  

Born to Run 26.2

Many runners love displaying their medals and trophies for all to see.  Why not!  They deserve it!!  But what about something more personal to commemorate that special occasion. Whether you know a runner or you want to treat yourself after finishing that marathon, why not show it off with a Charm Bangle from Jules Obsession?

26.2 Runner Bangle

Technically a Marathon is defined as a long distance running event with an official distance of 26.2 miles.  The marathon originally was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides.   Pheidippides was the messenger at the Battle of Marathon who announced victory to the people of Athens.

Be a Messenger like Pheidippides and show your accomplishments with a few great Bangles!

One of the original modern (1896) Olympic events was the Marathon.  Today more then 500 marathons are held throughout the world with tens of thousands of competitors participating in any one given race.

Just last year the New York City Marathon Broke the Record for Most Finishers. According to Runner's World, 50,564 finishers completed the journey from Staten Island to Central Park.

Sweet Daisy 13.1 Love to Run

Every year, Millions of Americans complete marathons.  In 2014 almost 2 million people ran in a half marathon (13.1).  And from that number over 60% were woman!!   This number is rapidly growing as more people recognize the health and anti-aging benefits of running.  Plus like I mentioned earlier, that awesome Runner's High!!  Since 2000, Reports indicate that the number of people running Half Marathons seems to be quadrupling in attendance each year.  

13.1 Marathon Great Accomplishment!

Completing a race of any length is a big deal.  If you’ve finished a race, marathon or half-marathon a Charm Bangle can provide a beautiful way to remember this accomplishment. I have many styles from 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2, Triathlon, various love to run styles and of course customizing your own bangle is always a great option. Charm bracelets are becoming very popular, giving the wearer the chance to remember each and every race completed with a small keepsake.

Love to Run the 13.1
Here are a few Expandable Runners Bracelets I have designed for my listings on Jules Obsession.  Everything I make is Handmade to Order.  So anything can be Customized for you the way you would like it.


Fancy 5K Runner

The Best feature of my Jules Obsession Bangle Bracelets are that they are completely adjustable.  They fit everyone!  Young girls with small wrists have easily worn my bangles as well as women with larger wrist that have a hard time finding large enough bracelets.  They adjust smoothly and look great as a small bangle or a larger one. 

Born To Run!!

My bangle bracelets are made of Sterling Silver Plating over an Iron Alloy (metal).  They are coated with an anti tarnish coating to protect the finish.

My charms consist of Sterling Silver Plated, Stainless Steel or Silver toned metal.  I choose to use these materials to build my bracelets so they can be affordable for everyone.  My price ranges from $14.99 - $19.99 on most of my bracelets.

 The Ultimate Victory

Whether you are an accomplished runner or just starting out here are some great tips on how to prep for that upcoming race. It may seem unattainable if you have never ran a race before, but with the right attitude and preparation you can achieve your goal!

1  Every night before bed, set out your running clothes. This will help the morning go smoother.  No thinking…just put on those running clothes and go! 

2.  Set a goal for yourself for each training session.   Training can feel hopeless if you expect too much too soon.  This is TRAINING!  We call it training and conditioning to help us build up to that great race.  Work on shorter run times or longer distances each session.  This will increase your endurance.

3.  Make it Fun!  Make it your own!  Pick the best time of the day when heat will not drain you down.  Pick out an upbeat playlist.  Find beautiful running trails or paths with great scenery.  Find a Run buddy.  Running with a friend can pass the time so much quicker and is a great time to catch up!  Motivate each other!  Make it enjoyable so that you look forward to your run everyday.  Make your run Inspiring, relaxing, Your time!  No Excuses!  Do it for you! 


Commitment, Dedication, Gotta Run! 


Remember the Moments!

The Best Part is after all that dedication and commitment, you deserve a celebratory piece of jewelry. A Reward for Your Race. Honor that accomplishment or honor a friend or loved one with a Jules Obsession Charmed Bangle with all the Bragging rights!!

Children and Teens 


Running is not just for adults, many children are goaling up for the challenge as well!  There are so many great races for Kids and Teens. The Zombie Chase, The Dirty Dash (Mud Run),  The Foam Run, The Color Run, Mini Triathlons, The Food Run or Chocolate Run, The Glo Run, The Costume Run, Race for Charities, Adventure Races, the list goes on and on!  There are so many great ways to Inspire kids to stay healthy and fit while having fun! Early Involvement makes it easier for a lifetime commitment to good health and fitness.


I Run Like a Girl Try To Keep Up

Its not just about running, its about Fun, Fitness, Friends and Family.  My home town Medina, Ohio hosts several race events every year.  Medina City Schools sponsors a Run.4.Fun every year in May for local families to run or walk together.  Whether you are a seasoned runner or a new mom with a stroller, its great fun for everyone!!  July Hosts a Summer Twin Sizzler Race with the same intentions.  The Medina Twin Sizzler take takes place every July 4th and includes a 5k, 10k, Bike Race and a Run/Bike Combo Race.  All events are intended for the old and the young, the fast and the slow.  You go at your own pace but most importantly...Have Fun!!  The races all start from Medina Public Square Historic District.  It's a great family activity before indulging on Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and ice cold beer, or in my case mojitos!  These are just a few of the races my great town in Medina sponsors! Google your City Website to find similar hosted runs in your town!



Meaningful and Fashionable Too!

To help kids capture that memorable event, gift them with a special keepsake.  My bangles offer the perfect fit for everyone.  They are affordable, super trendy, meaningful and a great conversation piece.  Choose from one of the hundred's of existing styles I have created or let me help you create a customized bracelet to help you convey your special message or intention.  I have several styles of Initial charms as well as birthstones, word charms, hearts, flowers, etc.(believe me I have thousands of charms in my collection!).

 NEXT Goal???  Triathlon... Swim, Bike, Run!!
July 27, 2015


My Most Inspirational Charms The Archangels

Archangel Raphael Inspirational Meaningful Expandable Bracelet

I created my shop on the basis of selling Inspirational, meaningful, unique and fun jewelry.  My Expandable bangles have been the best medium to use.  My Bangle Bracelets are affordable, made with quality material, and you can't have just one!

What is more inspirational and meaningful then Angels?  They give us hope, faith, healing and protection.  I have many Angel charm bangle Bracelets available (coming soon to the shop)!  But my most inspiring, my spiritual talismans or amulets if you will, are the Archangels!

During the Great Battle in Heaven when Luciel (Bearer of Light) rebelled against God and became Lucifer (Prince of Darkness), God's Main fleet of Angels were lost to this rebellion.  Many other Angels fell and rebelled during the Great Battle as well.


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