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Why I love Making and Selling Expandable Charm Bracelets

August 29, 2015 3 Comments


Sometimes we all need some sort of boast in faith, something material we can hold to help ground us, something to help us remember those good times, special moments, and accomplishments.  I love the idea of having charms represent what is closest to our hearts. I created my line of expandable bracelets to give that option to everyone.  They are the best medium to use since you can wear multiple bangles stacked together or just showcase one on your wrist.  I like to say that you can’t have just one!  They are addicting!  Depending on my mood, my outfit, the season, I like to accessorize with just the right combination!  When I feel Zen, I go with my Yoga Inspired Line.  When I am loving it up in the sunshine and warmth of summer I love the Nautical Line of Charm Bracelets.  I also have the days I just want it to be about me…my initial, my birthstone, my zodiac sign.  The possibilities are endless at Jules Obsession!  

What Charms Should I Add?

When you are thinking of getting a charm bracelet for yourself or as a gift for someone, you need to consider which charms to choose that would represented that person, occasion, memory, accomplishment.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming but be assured you will know it when you see it.  The perfect combination of charms to express exactly who you are, what you believe in, how you feel and what you love! You don’t need to limit it to one or two charms, you can choose many! Need some hints?  Here are some options to consider.


NAME/NICKNAME: While there are charms that feature the full name of the wearer, I Like the simplicity of just an Elegant first Initial charm. There are also charms that represent a nickname or a personality.  Sunshine, Princess, Daddy’s Girl.  Another that is super popular are Sister in Law, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, BFF, Grandma, Gigi, Nana, God Daughter, just to name a few!


BIRTHDAY: Need to add some color?  I love adding a simple little birthstone.  It is simple and subtle enough that is does not clash with your outfit!  Also a great addition would be your Zodiac Sign.  I also have several number charms to pair with my Happy Birthday Heart shaped charm.   

EDUCATION: It’s always fun to present a teenager with a High School Bangle.  Perhaps their High school’s Initial, Mascot, school color and Year of Graduation!  You can also add any sports, clubs, or music charms to represent any special extra circular activities.  And on Graduation day a simple year and diploma or cap charm says it all! 


HOBBIES/SPORTS: I kind’a went a little crazy with this theme. I mean, who doesn’t have at least one hobby or sport start they are proud of?  I have so much available that it would take forever to list.  A few include Softball, Football, LaCrosse, basketball, gymnastics, music, shopping, reading, motorcycle racing, dance, nature, and sewing to name a few. I also have many coach charms available to pair with any sport to give as an appreciation for a season well played!


TO SHOW SUPPORT:  These days you see it everywhere.  Ribbons of various colors representing a disease, a cancer, a social movement.  Why not elegantly wear your support on an Expandable Charm bracelet.  Show your support and raise awareness by choosing from over two dozen different awareness ribbons.  These and any other charms in my shop are available as necklaces and earring as well.  My awareness line also includes Animal Rescue charms. 


CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS:  One of my most popular charm bracelets I call “Wine and a Good Book”  I have a great number of Book Clubs purchasing these of their members.  I also have religious charms, 4H, Girl Scouts, and Boy scouts.  I also carry some very serious organization representation charms like AA, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon.  These provide subtle reminders of hope and strength.  

SPECIAL MEMORIES:  This can be anything that brings a memory to your mind and smile to your face.  The birth of a child, a fun trip, an engagement, wedding, first home or  any other significant memory. 

FAVORITE PETS/ANIMALS:  One thing I learned is that more people wear jewelry to represent their pets then their children!  LOL!!  That’s okay!  Let’s give the pooch a little recognition!  They are our children in a way as well, right! (At least that’s what  my pup keeps telling me!).  We all have a special place for our pets!  I have some specific breeds available and some generic type pet charms.  Also, wonderful remembrance of a cherished pet. 


OCCUPATION:  Love, Love, Love this Category.  I have worked very hard to put some very specific occupational charm bracelets together.  If there is one thing that makes a conversation, that is someones great accomplishment, it is their career!  Along with the very popular Medical and teacher charms, I carry Relator, Lawyer, Accountant, Newspaper Writer, Policeman, Fire Fighter, Banker, scientist, etc.  A great appreciation gift idea!  And for the person retiring!  I have Happy Retirement Bangles as well.  These make a great gift hanging on a gift bag or on a bottle of wire!

MILITARY:  Don’t forget about our Military!  If you have served, are serving or have a loved one who has, I have the perfect token of pride.  My Military collection includes several charms from the different branches of the military.  I have a line of Military wife charms, flags, stars and stripes.  


WEDDINGS:  The trendy bridesmaid gift this year is the expandable charm bangle.  You can choose from Silver Heart shaped Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl, Mother of th eBride etc.  I have a full line to supply all your wedding party and family member gifts.  Your wedding colors can be represented with a colored crystal or bead.  Initials can also be added for a personal touch.  


MEANINGFUL AND INSPIRATIONAL:  I started Jules Obsession to create Inspirational, Meaningful yet Fun jewelry for people to express themselves, gain strength and hope from, and as great conversation pieces.  What better represents those qualities then my extensive line of Word and Quote charms.  I also carry a line of Inspirational and Healing Saint,  Arch angel, and religion charms.  


AFFORDABLE AND QUALITY:  Since the bracelets are silver plated, they are super affordable.  Don’t get me wrong, they are excellent quality.  I have been using the same plated wire for years!  The bangles are sturdy, durable and coated with an anti-tarnish coating.  I have various types and styles available.  Shiny Silver, Matte Silver, Twisted Silver, Matte Twisted Silver, Shiny Gold, Matte Gold, Shiny Twisted Gold and Matte Twisted Gold.  I also carry Stainless Steel and Children’s size bangles.

Customized Expandable Charm Bangle

CUSTOMIZATION:  Jules Obsession offers Customization of anything in stock.  We have an extensive line of Charms and Crystals.  Everything is made to order and shipped out the next business day.  Check out our online shop and find the perfect bracelet or let me help you design something memorable!
Until Next Time!

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December 09, 2015

Is it possible to special order a bracelet to combine charms from 2 different bracelets??
How do I contact you?

Pat Hagedoorn
Pat Hagedoorn

September 19, 2015

Absolutely beautiful bracelets!

Pat Hagedoorn
Pat Hagedoorn

September 19, 2015

Would you have any charms for lacrosse?

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