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About Jules Obsession

Welcome to Jules Obsession!  Who am I?  I live in Port Clinton, Ohio.  I am the mother of 2, a wife of 25 years, and an individual who always has an Obsession or two, or three, or four, any given time.

I enjoy cooking, entertaining, party planning, reading, Yoga, learning new crafts and of course, creating beautiful jewelry.  

 About 10 years ago I took a yoga class during my lunch hour.  After my class, I was leaving when I noticed a display of gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  They all had these little tags attached explaining the meaning or metaphysical properties associated with the piece.  Of course in my "Yoga Drunk" state (you know what I mean if you practice yoga) my brain began to explode with possibilities!  I thought, like I do about many things, I can do that!  They used simple designs using crystals, gemstones, stamped word charms, etc. 

I started gathering supplies, gemstones, beautiful stones and books!  I wanted to learn more about the gemstones, their origins and meanings.  I started creating jewelry pieces with symbolic meaning.  I loved the concept of creating jewelry with meaning and sometimes healing properties. I always believed in the power of an amulet and/or talisman.  It is like your Faith and Beliefs but in a physical form as well.  

I had so many pieces that I needed to do something.  So I began selling my jewelry at a Yoga Studio, and at a couple retail stores in my town.  Then I discovered a popular online marketplace that would help me sell my items.  Wow!  I loved it.  Especially the people.  I would work with my customers to design special pieces.  Since I love to be challenged with Custom work, someone asked me to design an expandable bangle like the popular department stores sell.  I worked with many types and gauges of wire before I found what I would need to make an affordable Expandable Bangle.  I started making these Charm bangles and people loved them.  In 2 years I sold @ 10,000 of my Expandable Charm Bangles.  They became my core product line.

In July 2015 I started this Website Store of my own so I could gain better control over my shop.  I quit my day job working for the past 20 years in Corporate America and have never felt so satisfied.  I enjoy running my own business, being at home for my children and designing and making affordable, meaningful, unique and fun jewelry.  I make all my pieces to order and ship them the next business day.  I am always available to answer questions so do not hesitate to ask.

Julie Wootton

Jules Obsession LLC