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Healthy Mind, Body and Life Inspirational Jewelry from Jules Obsession

August 18, 2015

Healthy Mind, Body and Life Inspirational Jewelry from Jules Obsession

Live The Life You Have Imagined!

Everywhere I look is a magazine, a book, a blog on how to lose weight.  Eat this, don’t eat that, takes these supplements and those pills.  How much time, money and frustration have I spent on this quest?  In the end I always end up where I started.  

I admit it.  I am a nervous eater.  Stress, anxiety, boredom are my most dangerous diet sabotages.    I have tried diets before to look and feel better but my main problem was they took too much time!  Plan, shop, cook, etc.  Sorry but I don’t have time for that!  I love cooking foods that I want to cook, not foods that diet books tell me I need to make.  It never turns out the way the picture looks or how I imagined it would taste.  


I believe weight lose and health is mostly psychological.  Creating a mind set of healthy positive intentions should be everyones basis for achieving the weight that makes them most comfortable. I know it is easier said then done.  But I have come up with a few easy suggestions to make a life long transition to looking and feeling great for YOU.  These will not help you loss weight in a physical way but they may just be able to help you shed some imperfect behaviors and live a more positive, healthy lifestyle. Along with my thoughts and suggestions, I have Featured some of my Favorite Inspirational Bracelets.  I have Many more in my Shop at Jules  Take a look and see if any of the may be a helpful Inspirational piece for you or a friend.  All of My Bangles are made to order so Customization and Personalization is possible!


We must lead a Balanced life.  Practice to balance physical health, mental health, relationships, finances, career, fun, creativity, spirituality, physical environment, etc.  Make these work for you not the other way around.  The Key is to learn how to balance out all these areas in your life.  Heck, if you know me then you know that this is one of the areas I need lots of improvement in.  They call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!  Yep!  Self Diagnosed!  But don't we all get caught up once in a while with one area of our life and we just obsess!  It drives my husband, kids, family and friends completely crazy!  Balance!  Balance! Balance!  You and everyone around you will benefit! 



Do it for the most important person in your life!  YOU!  Make the commitment to be a healthier person so that you can lead your family and loved ones in the same direction.   Losing weight won't fix your financial problems or having your pockets overflowing with cash will not help you lose weight.  Commit to being the Best, Healthiest, Happiest person you can.  In the end that is what we want for ourselves! 

The Scale

Why was this Gosh Awful thing invented anyway?   I can understand the scale to measure produce in the grocery store, mail at the post office, even babies at the doctor’s office.  But not me!  Why would I do that to myself!!   My bathroom scale measures gravitational pull!  It measures weight, not fat!  It does not tell about how healthy or unhealthy I am.  That I should be eating more veggies.  That I should lose weight!  No…that is what my mirror is for!  Look at yourself.  Do you like what you see?  Do you look the way you want to?  Do you feel the way you want to?  Yes?  Then Perfect!  No?  Then do something about it!  The scale has always been so misconceiving to me.  It’s like all those standardized grid charts the doctor shows you at your checkup.  Yes!  I believe a great many of us fall into that Obese category.  Not Fair!  I hate that!  I say throw out the scale!  Who needs the depression!  Use your inner scale to measure your comfort and happiness!


Now I mentioned earlier that I hate Planning a diet or a weight lose program.  Takes too much time!  But this is different.  Envision your future. What would you ultimately like your life to be like? See every detail of it from where you want to be in life, location and health to how you want to see, feel and hear!    I love to do this first thing in the morning.  While still laying in bed.  Our most positive thoughts and ideas happen first thing when we wake up.  We are 25 times more open to suggestion when we wake.  The key is to hold on to those good feelings for a moment or two and disregard the less positive thoughts. See the thought and imagine carrying this thought with you throughout the day. Plan it out…this is going to be a Great day!  Wear something that makes you feel good.  Put on some great music.  Whether it is relaxing or get up and dance tunes!   Invigorate the air with beautiful smelling flowers or candles.  Slicing a lemon for your herbal tea!  Whatever scents or smells relax you.  Have something around all the time!  Aromatherapy is a proven and practiced method of mood control.  Imagine every aspect of this clear picture of a relaxing, fulfilling, happy day.  And now make it come true. One step at a time.



Safe Haven

Sweep your home of all those nasty sabotaging foods!  If you do not buy them you will be free from those obsessive thoughts of bingeing.  Make your home a safe haven so you can give yourself the opportunity to establish healthy, solid eating habits. It is essential that you create an environment that supports your healthy lifestyle efforts.  It is not necessary to get rid of all of your fav's!  It's self destructing if you do.  Moderation and a couple special treats are healthy and at certain times needed!


Heaven knows I've been both organized and disorganized.  It gets overwhelming.  I just read an article the other day on Cleaning/Organizing your home in 30 minutes a day.  I have been trying this and it works!  Just today in 30 minutes I was able to Wash the floor and clean the family room.  I only gave that one task to myself for the day!  But in the process I removed some boxes in the corner to go to Goodwill and cleaned the floor of my Pantry to store some unused items in the basement.  And I stopped there. It was not a lot but I feel so good now!  I accomplished some cleaning and organized 2 spaces.  Now tomorrow the boxes in my car will be dropped off at Goodwill and perhaps I will take on the Laundry room!  See!  I balanced out my time.  Thought about it in the morning and accomplished the task in 30 min. and now I have the rest of my day.  There is a mysterious calm one finds in organization isn't there!    

Be Imperfect


Wouldn't it be unbelievably boring if we were perfect.   (Okay, I say this to make myself feel better!) Revel in your imperfection.  It’s okay!  We do not live on a reality show.  We can leave it for tomorrow sometimes, as long as it is not all the time!  I was once a student of the Franklin Planner!  If you do not know what that is, it is a daily planner you write everything in that needs to be done. You check off what you have completed and carry over the tasks not accomplished to the next day.  I love this method.  It encourages me to Get the List Finished!  I love completion, I hate having things hang over my head.  This works well for me most times!  When I have too much to do I make my list and cross off the 5 least important tasks.  Just like one day at a time you have to take one chore at a time as well or you will be overwhelmed.


Be Your Passion


As they say, "Do what you love and the money will follow." I am still waiting for this!  Since I opened my new Website I have been faced with the fact that I am starting all over again in the Jewelry Market!  I really wanted to step away from Etsy and do it my way, the right way and be a real entrepreneur.  I didn't want Etsy telling me what to do, what to sell, and giving them a chunk of my profits!  I Love making my Expandable Charm Bracelet Bangles!  I love working with my customers to design something special.  I worked in Corporate America for 20 years and now I want to work for me!  I know that the most important thing to have is Passion!  I am Passionate about my products, my business, my attempts at learning more everyday.   If you are passionate about your goals life will improve in ways you never imagined. Your energy will shift dramatically.  You will be focused on what you love, feel less-stressed, be more productive and procrastinate less. 

Until Next Time!

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