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Saint Rita Patroness of Difficult Marriages and Impossible Causes

August 24, 2015 1 Comment

If you are facing a difficult and impossible life circumstance this beautiful Saint Rita Expandable Sterling Silver Plated Bracelet will guide you to find the hope you are looking for.   Since this is Adjustable to fit all sizes this makes a  great gift for those similarly facing difficult and heartbreaking life circumstances.

Saint Rita is the patroness of impossible causes, sterility, abuse victims, loneliness, marriage difficulties, parenthood, widows, the sick, and bodily ills and wounds.

St. Rita of Cascia was an Augustinian nun born in Spoleto, Italy in 1381. She is best known as the patroness of impossible causes and hopeless circumstances.  She was given this honor because of her difficult and disappointing life.  

From an early age St. Rita begged her parents to let her become a Nun.   Her parents denied her and arranged a marriage for her at the age of twelve.  St. Rita went through with the marriage in obedience to them.  Adding to her disappointment, the man she was wed to was cruel and harsh, and she spent 18 years in a very difficult marriage.  Her husband eventually became physically abusive, yet she met his cruelty with kindness and patience.  Two sons were born to her whom she loved deeply. 

In the 14th century Italy was rampant with warring families caught in a vicious circle of assassinations and bloody feuding (think Romeo and Juliet).  St. Rita’s family was caught up in this warring and as a result her husband was murdered.  St. Rita mourned her husband’s death and prayed for his soul with great earnest.

After the death of her husband and her sons Saint Rita sought again to enter the convent.  She was turned away because of her family’s association with the civil upheaval of the time. Prayer, fasting, penances of many kinds and charitable works filled her days.  St. Rita’s sincerity and forgiveness prevailed and she was eventually granted entry.  She became known as a holy and prayerful nun.

While praying before a crucifix one day, Saint Rita received visible wounds on her forehead.  It appeared as a (stigmata) of Jesus’ wound from the crown of thorns.  This was said to be symbolizing St. Rita’s unity with Christ in his sufferings.  She also had many mystical experiences during the forty years she lived in the convent.  She died on May 22 in her seventies.

Even though St. Rita had a difficult life, it was her heartbreaking circumstances that drove her to prayer and helped her to become a holy woman. 





1 Response


January 06, 2017

I have a compelling story to share with my fellow Catholics about my encounter with St.Rita. To start with, a strange red mark appeared on my forehead about 9 months ago and it reminded me of the wound on St. Rita’s forehead. Hence, I was drawn to her and decided to pray to her. The story starts back in 2007 when I met a young lady who stole my heart. I fell madly in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her. For the next 8 years I struggled to build a friendship with this girl, when I finally made a breakthrough in December 2015. Then three months later, on Easter Sunday, she broke my heart by telling me that she was seeing someone and that it was “serious”. So I countered by writing a six-page letter to this girl telling her about how I fell in love with her at first sight. The girl was shocked at my feelings and pushed me away and blocked me on Facebook. I was devastated. Then one day in May 2016 I looked in the mirror and noted that my forehead mark was actually turning into a darker red and spreading to about a quarter inch in diameter. It was then that I decided to start a nine day novena to St. Rita. To my amazement, I had discovered about five days into the novena that I was scheduled to wrap up the novena on the day of St. Rita’s feast. What a lovely coincidence! So here I am on the morning of St. Rita’s feast day, finished my novena asking for a marriage to the love-at-first-sight girl, and I decided to watch EWTN in the hopes of finding a program or documentary on St. Rita. When I turned on the TV to EWTN, there was a talk show on, and the guest of the program was Tim Staples. While Tim was giving his testimony, I noticed that his relationships with women were similar to mine. Then, he went into a lovely story about how he met his wife. He said he looked into her eyes for the first time and said “this is my wife”. Love at first sight! Just like with me! He also explained that his wife never felt the same feeling, and that “it took a while” to convince her to marry him. Now Tim and his lovely wife have nine children together. I took this as a sign from God that love-at-first-sight is real and it does happen and that all is possible through prayer and faith. Mr. Staples asked God for a wife, and God came through with flying colors. As for the girl that I love, well, she is still with her boyfriend. I haven’t spoken to her in eight months. But my heart is still on fire for her, and it was on this evening that I started thinking about St. Rita and her patronage of impossible cases. Then my conscience told me to get on the message boards and post my testimony – so here it is! The moral of the story is this: God speaks to us in wonderful miracles and coincidences through the intercession of our beloved St. Rita. It was my love of St. Rita that brought about these wonderful coincidences. And I just might start a new novena and ask St. Rita and our Lord to bring me and my lady love together so that I can love her with God’s sacred and holy love…in matrimony and in eternal life. Believe in love! Believe in God! Believe in the power of St. Rita’s intercessions! In the name of Jesus Christ, God bless all of my fellow Catholics. I promise to keep you all updated. +

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