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Bracelets for Women Runners Plus other Fun Running Tidbits!

July 31, 2015

Bracelets for Women Runners Plus other Fun Running Tidbits!

Say Congratulations on that Race with a Runners Adjustable Bracelet Charm Bangle from Jules Obsession!

Have you ever crossed that finish line and felt the Rush of Pride of Accomplishment? 
Be Proud!  Use your Bragging Rights!  You did it!  Now get the Bracelet!
Adjustable Expandable Silver Wire Bangle Charm Bracelets 

Even though my first love is Yoga, I have occasionally been seen running my heart out in a Race or two!  Whether the cause being a charity run, Fun Relay Race with friends or a bucket list marathon.  

Beautiful Rhinestone Crystal Heart Bangle 

There’s nothing quite like that runner’s high you get from reaching the finish line! All that hard work, training, conditioning, and eating right has paid off!  What a phenomenal feeling of Pride and Great Accomplishment.  

Born to Run 26.2

Many runners love displaying their medals and trophies for all to see.  Why not!  They deserve it!!  But what about something more personal to commemorate that special occasion. Whether you know a runner or you want to treat yourself after finishing that marathon, why not show it off with a Charm Bangle from Jules Obsession?

26.2 Runner Bangle

Technically a Marathon is defined as a long distance running event with an official distance of 26.2 miles.  The marathon originally was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides.   Pheidippides was the messenger at the Battle of Marathon who announced victory to the people of Athens.

Be a Messenger like Pheidippides and show your accomplishments with a few great Bangles!

One of the original modern (1896) Olympic events was the Marathon.  Today more then 500 marathons are held throughout the world with tens of thousands of competitors participating in any one given race.

Just last year the New York City Marathon Broke the Record for Most Finishers. According to Runner's World, 50,564 finishers completed the journey from Staten Island to Central Park.

Sweet Daisy 13.1 Love to Run

Every year, Millions of Americans complete marathons.  In 2014 almost 2 million people ran in a half marathon (13.1).  And from that number over 60% were woman!!   This number is rapidly growing as more people recognize the health and anti-aging benefits of running.  Plus like I mentioned earlier, that awesome Runner's High!!  Since 2000, Reports indicate that the number of people running Half Marathons seems to be quadrupling in attendance each year.  

13.1 Marathon Great Accomplishment!

Completing a race of any length is a big deal.  If you’ve finished a race, marathon or half-marathon a Charm Bangle can provide a beautiful way to remember this accomplishment. I have many styles from 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2, Triathlon, various love to run styles and of course customizing your own bangle is always a great option. Charm bracelets are becoming very popular, giving the wearer the chance to remember each and every race completed with a small keepsake.

Here are a few Expandable Runners Bracelets I have designed for my listings on Jules Obsession.  Everything I make is Handmade to Order.  So anything can be Customized for you the way you would like it.


Fancy 5K Runner

The Best feature of my Jules Obsession Bangle Bracelets are that they are completely adjustable.  They fit everyone!  Young girls with small wrists have easily worn my bangles as well as women with larger wrist that have a hard time finding large enough bracelets.  They adjust smoothly and look great as a small bangle or a larger one. 

Born To Run!!

My bangle bracelets are made of Sterling Silver Plating over an Iron Alloy (metal).  They are coated with an anti tarnish coating to protect the finish.

My charms consist of Sterling Silver Plated, Stainless Steel or Silver toned metal.  I choose to use these materials to build my bracelets so they can be affordable for everyone.  My price ranges from $14.99 - $19.99 on most of my bracelets.

 The Ultimate Victory

Whether you are an accomplished runner or just starting out here are some great tips on how to prep for that upcoming race. It may seem unattainable if you have never ran a race before, but with the right attitude and preparation you can achieve your goal!

1  Every night before bed, set out your running clothes. This will help the morning go smoother.  No thinking…just put on those running clothes and go! 

2.  Set a goal for yourself for each training session.   Training can feel hopeless if you expect too much too soon.  This is TRAINING!  We call it training and conditioning to help us build up to that great race.  Work on shorter run times or longer distances each session.  This will increase your endurance.

3.  Make it Fun!  Make it your own!  Pick the best time of the day when heat will not drain you down.  Pick out an upbeat playlist.  Find beautiful running trails or paths with great scenery.  Find a Run buddy.  Running with a friend can pass the time so much quicker and is a great time to catch up!  Motivate each other!  Make it enjoyable so that you look forward to your run everyday.  Make your run Inspiring, relaxing, Your time!  No Excuses!  Do it for you! 


Commitment, Dedication, Gotta Run! 


Remember the Moments!

The Best Part is after all that dedication and commitment, you deserve a celebratory piece of jewelry. A Reward for Your Race. Honor that accomplishment or honor a friend or loved one with a Jules Obsession Charmed Bangle with all the Bragging rights!!

Children and Teens 


Running is not just for adults, many children are goaling up for the challenge as well!  There are so many great races for Kids and Teens. The Zombie Chase, The Dirty Dash (Mud Run),  The Foam Run, The Color Run, Mini Triathlons, The Food Run or Chocolate Run, The Glo Run, The Costume Run, Race for Charities, Adventure Races, the list goes on and on!  There are so many great ways to Inspire kids to stay healthy and fit while having fun! Early Involvement makes it easier for a lifetime commitment to good health and fitness.


I Run Like a Girl Try To Keep Up

Its not just about running, its about Fun, Fitness, Friends and Family.  My home town Medina, Ohio hosts several race events every year.  Medina City Schools sponsors a Run.4.Fun every year in May for local families to run or walk together.  Whether you are a seasoned runner or a new mom with a stroller, its great fun for everyone!!  July Hosts a Summer Twin Sizzler Race with the same intentions.  The Medina Twin Sizzler take takes place every July 4th and includes a 5k, 10k, Bike Race and a Run/Bike Combo Race.  All events are intended for the old and the young, the fast and the slow.  You go at your own pace but most importantly...Have Fun!!  The races all start from Medina Public Square Historic District.  It's a great family activity before indulging on Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and ice cold beer, or in my case mojitos!  These are just a few of the races my great town in Medina sponsors! Google your City Website to find similar hosted runs in your town!



Meaningful and Fashionable Too!

To help kids capture that memorable event, gift them with a special keepsake.  My bangles offer the perfect fit for everyone.  They are affordable, super trendy, meaningful and a great conversation piece.  Choose from one of the hundred's of existing styles I have created or let me help you create a customized bracelet to help you convey your special message or intention.  I have several styles of Initial charms as well as birthstones, word charms, hearts, flowers, etc.(believe me I have thousands of charms in my collection!).


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